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Translaro provides high quality translation, transcription, interpretation and voice-over services to businesses and private individuals worldwide. We offer top translation in various fields and spheres: legal, medical, financial, technical, IT, marketing, agriculture, advertising, health, fashion and websites.

Language solutions for your projects

Translation Services

We offer our clients the translation of official documents: bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD diploma degrees/certificates; driving licenses, identity cards, passports; marriage and birth certificates. We translate technical texts in the fields of engineering, electronics, aviation, medical and technical equipment, instructions and operating guides; scientific medical articles, reports; accounting reports, balances, sales registers; legal agreements, contracts on sale and purchase, real estate transactions and working contracts.

All languages

We believe that machine translation based on Google technology (Google translator) and other computer translators will never replace the translation carried out by a skilled translator; that’s why our professional linguists translate only into their native language. We work exclusively with native speakers. Thus, ensuring that we provide our clients the most authentic and natural completed translations. As well as working with the most popular language combinations: English-French, German-English, Romanian-Italian, Spanish-Portuguese, English-Mandarin, we also have experienced linguists who are able to translate your document into the rare languages like Hindi, Amharic, Bengali, Afrikaans, Gujarati, Vietnamese, as well as many others.

Voice-Over services

Regardless of the complexity, each language has its own melody. Translaro offers professional voice-over services for audio and video content, cartoons, serials, radio advertisements, commercials and online in more than 50 languages. We have extensive experience relating to recordings for advertising companies, website creators and NGOs. We offer perfect synchronisation and professional voices! In our database we have women’s and men’s, as well as children’s voices, a large selection of voices from foreign speakers. Our actors work with professional sound equipment, which ensures perfect recording and excellent sound quality.

Interpretation Services

By working with our professional interpreters, you are guaranteed an individual approach and an excellent result. We have wide ranging experience in accompanying clients to various events, exhibitions, as well as providing interpretation services during business negotiations and at conferences. Translaro ensures a transparent pricing policy, so before you trust us with your project, we provide you with the final cost of the service. We work with more than 120 interpreters from all over the world, who will furnish you with complete and accurate communication during business meetings, conferences, visiting a doctor while abroad, exhibitions and other events. Translaro provides simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services.

Transcription services

The process of transcription of an audio or video file transforms an oral speech into a written one. This service becomes more and more solicited into judicial practice. We provide our clients with a certified document, transcribed and written by our specialist. Our agency offers the high-quality transcription of audio and video recordings, telephone conversations and interviews. We are always open to cooperation and we guarantee the fulfilment of all the requirements regarding your project.


Our Agency guarantees the confidentiality of the information received and undertakes a thorough examination of each project, whether it’s a translation, an interpretation, a transcription or audio advertisement recording. Our main goal is to preserve the trust our customer has placed in us. Our policy of non-disclosure of the information received, offers the possibility to sign a confidentiality agreement; below you can find an NDA sample recommended by WIPO We grow thanks to the customers who trust us!

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Translation agency Translaro is always open for cooperation or partnership. We constantly improve by following the development of the new technologies in the fields of translation, transcription, interpretation, voice-over and subtitling. With Translaro you can have confidence in the future, and that your project will be translated on time!

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We offer:

➢ Customer-driven high quality services
➢ Competitive rates
➢ Translation, editing, proofreading, voice-over, interpreting and transcription services by native speakers
➢ Individual approach
➢ Timely delivery
➢ Give each request priority
➢ Translation services in a variety of business sectors
➢ Glossary creation

We speak your language!

More than 500 professional linguists, from more than 70 countries, are trained 24/7 to translate your projects into their native language. Translaro offers you a communication without borders.

Key moments

➢ Professional competence of our translators and project managers
➢ Flexibility and prompt delivery
➢ Verified translators chosen according to their expertise
➢ Complete packages: TEP service, transcription-translation, transcription-subtitling
➢ We provide value for your money
➢ Quality, timely manner of completion, and diplomacy – three values that define our team

What do the clients say about us?

“Translaro – very professional service”

David Pettigrew
Story Tours Media, Canada & Moldova

If you need translations or transcriptions done for your project, then I highly recommend you choose Valeria and Translaro Language Services for your projects. In the past 2 years she has done over a dozen translations and transcriptions for a documentary film I am making. Sometimes I sent her audio interviews with less than perfect sound. She always did them quickly and accurately. Valeria gives very professional service and you may like to make her your go-to person for translations. I have and I’m happy I did.