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Translaro creates a written version of the speech, turning oral discourse into a written text. A professional transcriptionist will perform the transcription, having carefully listened to the provided recording several times.

We offer you 3 types of transcription: verbatim (including interjections and fillers), non verbatim (“cleaned up” version, “thinking noises” – “um,” “ah,” “uh“ are all left out) or summary (preserving the main idea).

The transcriptions are also used to create subtitles for a video, thus your blog, vlog or YouTube channel will gain more views.

By adding subtitles to your video, you will double the number of viewers able to connect with it and the number of hits it receives from web searches will increase.

* Email us at indicating the type of transcription (verbatim / non verbatim / summary). You can send the recording by WeTransfer, Google or any other way, which is convenient for you.

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